Burn Permits

Permits are free of charge and are available at various locations. Leaving a message at the Administrative Office or any other facility does not permit burning under any circumstance. A Burn Permit must be obtained prior to burning. It is for the safety of not only the permit holder but the surrounding inhabitants. Failure to obtain a permit could result in a fine, loss of property, or loss of life.

Here are some common Questions and Answers about open burning. For the safety of our community, please familiarize yourself with the following information.





PRIOR TO BURNING, ALL PERMIT HOLDERS must call the Communications Center at (970) 385-2900 for authorization and to be advised of Red Flag conditions. 


Print and complete form.

Sign, scan and email to: firemarshal@upperpinefpd.org
Fax to: (970) 884-2444
Bring to:
Station 1, Station 4, Station 5,
or the Admin Building
(Click here for addresses)

All permits require signatures from both the applicant and authorized UPRFPD personnel. Once you have submitted your application, you will be notified by email, phone, or in person whether your permit application has been approved and advised as to where you may pick up your signed permit. In some instances, your proposed burn area may need to be inspected before permit approval.